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Richard Hudnut
Figural Compacts
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The Volupte company was established in 1926 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. They are known for their fun whimsical figural compacts like the hands, apple and vanity tables. They made nice quality compacts and a variety are listed on this page.
01541       NEW!      $75

4-1/8" x 1-1/2" brushed silverplate unused vanity signed Volupte. The outside is very shiny and clean. The inside has a metal mirror on one side that pulls forward to reveal the original comb! The opposite side has the powder sifter with signed puff and two small lift up sections that reveal rouge with puff and red lipstick. There is a cute jewelled piece by the closure knob with rhinestones and coral colored beads. The rhinestones are intact, some are slightly darker than others but they appear all original. Nice looking vanity compact that appeared in a 1934 advertisement.

01843 NEW!     $68

3" square Volupte 1940s gold tone compact. The lid has a deep line design with raised criss cross area with bright blue rhinestones. The back is plain. The inside has a mirror on one side and the opposite side has the lift up section for loose powder, with signed puff. Sweet!

0832   NEW!       $48

A nice 2-1/4" oval gold tone compact with embossed leaves, birds and grapes on the lid! The back is plain, with the initials ZM or WZ. The gold tone shows normal surface wear to the sides and back. The inside has a mirror on side and the powder sifter and orange puff on the other. It comes with the original box that says Demitasse by Volupte. It's in nice condition showing normal edge wear. This will make a great pill box as it's just over 1/2" deep and will hold many aspirins! From the 1940s

01806   NEW!     $98

3-1/4" x 2-1/4" gold tone rectangle shape unused musical compact! The lid has an applied pegasus. It plays "In My Merry Oldsmobile." The exterior lipstick acts as a "lip-lock" closure that actually opens and closes the compact when you pull the lipstick out. The inside has a mirror on one side, slightly cloudly with sticker. The opposite side has a lift up section that has a puff and Volupte brochure. The musical knob can be accessed from the outside of the lift up section and it turns to play the tune. Comes with a sleeve and Volupte box. Always fun to the find the musical compacts that actually work! Volupte advertised this compact in a 1949 ad.

01832   NEW!        $68

3" square unused gold tone Volupte compact! The top has a blue Wedgewood looking scene of a couple in white. He's reading her a book, perhaps reciting poetry!? The back is plain. The inside has a mirror on one side and the lift up section for powder with marked puff on the other. Nice 1940s compact!

01841   NEW!     $58

2-1/2" square gold tone unused Volupte compact. There are line designs on the front and the back is plain. The lid also has a raised twisted line design in a tic-tac-toe pattern. There are nine multi colored rhinestones, all bright and even in color. The inside has a mirror on one side and the opposite side has the powder sifter and marked puff. Sweet 1940s compact that can be used today for pills as it's 1/2" deep so it can hold quite a few aspirin! Also has the original protective cloth sleeve.

01842 NEW!            $58

3" x 2-1/4" gold tone rectangular shaped Volupte compact. The lid has raised gold tone designs with six squares of nine bezel set pastel colored rhinestones! Very dimensional looking. The back is all gold tone and shows a little tarnishing. The inside has a mirror on one side and the lift up section for loose powder, no puff. It's marked Volupte on the inside. Sweet 1940s compact.

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