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AB-21444               NEW!      $25

3-1/2" x 2-1/2" blue velvet purse mirror! The blue velvet is in great condition and shows very little wear. The back has a black backing. The inside has the original  bevelled mirror in perfect condition and the opposite side might have been used for powder. From the 1920s. This can still be used today!

AB-1212               NEW!      $35

Interesting collectible! This was a gift for hotel guests, celebrating the first anniversary of the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas in June 1977! The base measures 4 x 4 and is clear with a black layer on the bottom. I assume this is some sort of epoxy composite, typical of material used when embedding an item inside so you can still see the item. The base is not lightweight. Inside is a white, pink, green and yellow $500 Aladdin chip! On the top is a silver colored plate engraved "first anniversary June 1977 Aladdin Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada. There is also a holder for a pen. The pen appears to be original and it still writes in blue ink. A few surface marks, but no chips or missing pieces. 

AB-10343                      $119

8-1/2" long sterling and pink enamel shoe horn! The top is sterling with bright pink enamel on both sides. Nice pattern in the guilloche enamel, no chips or flakes to the enamel. The shoe horn area is not sterling and shows base metal, pitting and rust areas. Not sure how to clean it. The handle is marked F?B sterling. The Foster ? Bailey company was from Providence, Rhode Island and was founded in 1873.  From 1878 to 1898 the firm was active as Foster ? Bailey as partnership of Theodore W. Foster and Samuel H. Bailey. From 1898 the company was incorporated under the name Theodore Foster ? Bros. Co. The company made wonderful sterling accessory, vanity and dresser set items. They also made jewelry and some of the best enamelled compacts in the 1920s. The shoehorn would have been part of a much larger, perhaps a 20 piece dresser vanity set, all with pink enamel. What a great set it would have been for your vanity in the 1920s!

AB-9902                     $59

2-3/4" sterling bookmark with a raised cornucopia design on the front. No dents or dings. Marked sterling and Reed ? Barton on the back. Cute and definitely usable today!

AB-6079                     $98

2-1/4" round x 1-3/4" tall sterling top glass dresser jar. This is the smaller, matching jar to the item listed below! The jar has a faceted look to it, no chips or flakes. The lid is heavy, fits tightly and correctly and has the initials MHE in script in the center. The rim of the jar is sterling with a gold wash. No dents or dings. It's marked Gorham sterling B34 on the rim. Nice dresser jar and will hold many different items on your vanity table! Circa 1920s.

AB-6078                     $118

4-1/4" round, 2-1/4" tall sterling top glass dresser jar. This is the larger, matching jar to the item listed above! The jar has a faceted look to it, no chips or flakes. The lid is heavy, fits tightly and correctly and has the initials MHE in script in the center. No dents or dings. It's marked Gorham sterling B5 on the rim. Nice large dresser jar and will hold many different items on your vanity table! Circa 1920s.

AB-8020                 $98 

4" x 3-1/4" sterling picture frame! The edges of the frame are just over a 1/4" wide. The back is a heavy wood veneer that is secured at each corner. The easel is intact and tight and the frame stands firmly. It's marked sterling, handmade and the number 3001 on the edge. No noticeable dents or dings or bad scratches. I think it dates from the 1930-50s. Nice usable frame!

AB-10154               $48

2" Japan porcelain display hand! White porcelain with gold accent colors with a bow design. The front side has four flowers with pink, yellow and blue colors on them. This is a right hand, with painted finger nails and a ring on a finger! No chips or damage to the porcelain. It has the original sticker on the bottom that reads "Kelvin's Reg. US Pat Off. Exclusives Japan." Fun 1940s item that could be used as a placecard holder or to hold your rings!

AB-7309                $78

5-1/2" long, 1-1/4" wide sterling spoon with a blue enamel handle The spoon has a slight gold wash to it and it's marked sterling with some hallmarks on the back that I can't make out. No damage to the sterling or to the enamel. Cute usable 1920s spoon!

AB-9559                $22

1-1/2" round, this is a souvenir token from the Indianapolis sesquicentennial event, celebrating the city's 150th anniversary in 1971. It is bronzey in color and shows practically no wear. Nice detail on both sides.

AB-6591                 $110

4" long, 2" wide sterling bon bon spoon with a pale yellow enamel handle! The bowl has a nice open design. The enamel is on the back and front of the handle and shows no damage at all. It's marked sterling with some tiny hallmarks on the back that I can't make out. No dents or damage to the sterling. Sweet 1920s usuable spoon!

AB-9558                  $24

1" square gold tone folding purse picture frame! When closed you can see a small enamel center design on the front. The back is plain and gold tone in color. It's hinged and when opened it reveals two sides to hold photos on each side. The plastic coverings for the photos are intact. Cute 1950s item and definitely usable today!

AB-6381                  $78

5" long, 1-1/8" wide sterling with pink enamel handled spoon! There is no damage to the enamel which is on the front only. No dents or damage to the sterling. It's marked sterling on the back. Fun 1920s spoon!

AB-2121                    $20

This paperback book has 386 pages of "Complete reprints of all articles which appeared in the Antque trader Weekly during 1973, completely indexed by subject." It is approximately 10 1/2 by 14" and it is in very good condition. SOME of the 100s of informative articles include: Occupied Japan, Cash Registers, Paperweights, Furniture, Folk Art, Napkin Rings, Jewelry, Toys/Games and much much more!!

AB-2298          $22

7-1/2" long, 830 silver cheese slicer! Nice swirly designs on the handle. It has an "S" monogram on the handle. The slicer is still sharp and this will definitely slice cheese! No dents, dings or scratches. Circa 1920s.

AB-6559          $68

5-1/2" x 2" tall. Six sided hand painted candlestick holder! Nice detailed on the blue forget me knot flowers. Gold colored handle. No damage or worn areas. Marked on the bottom with Xmas 1910, with the name Neal, probably the artist. Also a manufacture logo with Prussia. Really cute and definitely usable!

AB-6558          $68

3" squared with scalloped corners, 2-1/2" tall for the ring tree section. This is a handpainted ring stand! Painted with pretty blue forget me knots, nice detail. Gold coloring on the ring holder, slightly worn in areas from use! No damage. Marked with the impressed numbers 1184 on the bottom. Cute for a dresser! From the early 1900s.

AB-7139          $22

8" 1972 Crystal Christmas Plate in the original box. Nice design on the plate with a tree, impressed "Christmas 1972" on the plate. No damage to the plate and box is in great condition. No company identification, so not sure who made the plate.

AB-4811          $38

4" x 3" old brass picture frame. Nice swirly design on the front. The oval area for the photo measures 3" x 2-1/4." Easel stand on the back along with ring to hang on the wall. Marked only with the numbers 272 on the back. Nice old frame, circa 1930s. No damage.

AB-4034          $65

3" wide, 2-1/2" tall, 3" long German peacock pin dish from the 1920s! Nice yellow, blue and orange colors on the dish and there's nice detail on his face and wings. Marked Germany and design numbers 4844 on the bottom. No damage. Fun!

AB-979          $118

3-1/2" x 2-1/2" hammered silver (not marked sterling, but tested silver) vanity. Inside has coin holders for a nickle and dime. There's a section that opens for a compact and a section for bills. It's marked WM Co. on the inside and has ENB monogram in the corner. Top condition. Circa 1920's.

AB-595          $75

5" wide, 3-1/4" deep, 2-1/2" tall, black plastic box with green plastic top with silver ball knob. This box was made by the manufacturer of Kool cigarettes, The Brown ? Williamson Company in 1939. They obtained this box from General Electric. For .50 you got the box and two packs of cigarettes! The GE logo is on the bottom. I have an advertisement that explains the promotion and it says that 500,000 were sold. No damage, fun piece!

AB-2698          $48

3-1/2" German girl in a sitting position. She's very colorful with blond hair, blue swimsuit, lots of detail and cute face! Her hands are on her stomach and there's a hole in her hand to hold a paper umbrella. It's original and she was suppose to hold something. I think it was an umbrella as there's an original metal piece attached to her behind. She sits on the edge of a glass or fish bowl and I think that's what she was intended to do! She has impressed numbers 4325 and Germany on her back. No damage. Circa 1920s. She'll look cute protecting your fish!

AB-2464          $95

3-1/4" x 1-3/4" sterling calling card case. The front has a monogram. I believe it's FAL and could be buffed out. The lid flips up to hold the cards and it is marked sterling 5117 on the edge and there is a logo on the other side that I can't make out. Not wide enough to hold modern normal sized business cards, but will hold calling cards!  Dates from the early 1900s.

AB-2993          $45

7" x 4" German porcelain lady with brown hair and a pretty face wearing a full blue dress leaning against a base that would be used to make a lamp. This is all original and just needs to be electrified and needs a cute shade. No chips or cracks. Embossed Germany and 836 on the bottom. Circa 1920s.

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