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AB-23335      NEW!          $35

2-1/2" x 1-1/4" blue celluloid childs or doll compact/purse from the 1920s! It has the original black cord with slide to close it, slight wear to the cord. The front lid has an original applied black celluloid cameo with nice detail. The back is plain. The inside has a small mirror on one side along with a rouge and powder areas, empty with no puffs. These child compacts are always fun to find and they were meant to be played with, so nice to find one that survived!

AB-5                   $25

1-1/2" tall, 1-1/4 round ivory colored celuloid ring box! The little section that actually holds the ring is 1/2" and has deep purple velvet. It has a lip on the bottom so it fits on the other section to display it. Make sense?! These date from the 1920s. 

AB-6                     $25

This is a three piece lot of celluloid desk accessories!!  It includes a  9-3/4" x 3-3/4" celluloid tray, no damage; a 5" x 2-1/4" celluloid ink blotter with section to wipe off excess ink and a   3-1/2" celluloid inkwell with a glass insert for the ink under the lid. Tiny crack along the front right corner of the ink well in the celluloid, just being picky!  In the 1920s you purchased individual pieces from a various companies to complete your desk or dresser set.

AB-8504                     $88

7" when opened with a 5" handle. This is made of ivory colored celluloid. It's an interesting style of fan as when it's closed  it measures 5" and has a hole clasp that snaps the front  handle into the back handle. When opened the fan spreads out to 7" and has a ribbon woven in between the sticks. The two pieces of the handle then clasp together so you can hold the fan. The entire front of the fan has blue and white flowers and ribbons all over. The back is plain. No damage. Dates from the 1920s

AB-9557                     $15

7" long silverplate buttonhook with the original ivory colored celluloid handle. No damage to the celluloid or buttonhook and no manufacturer marks. This would have been part of a larger celluloid dresser set at one time. Circa 1920s.

AB-8293                           $75

5-3/4" x 3" celluloid advertising blotter! The front cover only is celluloid with bright holly leaves. There is printing on the front that says "This little Souvenir will remind you that the Holidays are near, also that THE BEST PLACE TO DO YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING is at G.T. WOOD'S JEWELRY STORE." It also says "Everything as represented or your money back. Your patronage solicited, Charles City, IOWA. There is a clip that holds the front cover to the back blotter page so you can wipe your ink. Celluloid is in top condition, as is the blotter page. There is only one blotter page, not sure if there was meant to be more. This dates from the 1920s.

AB-3          $29

4" long ivory colored celluloid magnifier! It has a metal clip on the handle to attach to a shirt pocket. It's stamped "made in Japan" on the handle. Minor wear to the glass and it still magnifies!

AB-2          $15

4" round, 4" tall ivory colored celluloid powder box with knob handle. It's monogrammed DAH on the front in blue (original). In the 1920s you purchased separate pieces to make up your dresser set and having them monogrammed was an extra feature! No damage.

AB-4496          $22

4-3/4" round, 2" tall ivory colored celluloid hair receiver. Perfect condition. On the bottom it's embossed in blue "Ivory Pyralin DuBarry." These hair receivers were part of a dresser set from the 1920s.

AB-808          $32

4-1/2" x 2-1/4" six-sided shaped yellow celluloid powder container with lid. The knob on the lid and the six flat "feet" all have a layered look with yellow on either side of clear plastic. On the bottom it is embossed "Made in England" and "Halex" No damage to the plastic. Circa 1930s

AB-2067          $155

3-1/2" x 3" celluloid card/cigarette case. Ship decal on front. No cracks or damage. Circa. 1930s

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