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Hatpins and Hatpin Holders

All of the hatpins are guaranteed to be old, no reproductions! New and better photos have been added, take a look!!

To view full size photos, click on the picture!!!!

AB-10559  NEW!     $295

One of the longest hatpins I've ever had! It's 15" long and the top section is 3-1/2" and is a brassy material. It is six sided and three of the sides have a raised swirly design with a raised purple glass in the center. The top comes to a point. All original. No damage and I haven't polished the hatpin. Small curve to the tip of the pin stem. Great long hatpin for a big hat!

AB-9210   NEW!     $295

10-3/4" long with a 1-1/2" raised brassy top. It has a nice open design with prong set amber colored rhinestones surrounding a 1" square faceted amber colored glass piece. It reflects the light nicely. No damage to the glass pieces. Original bar finding with an old slight reinforcement to the pin stem. Great looking unusual hatpin!

AB-9128   NEW!     $198

8-1/2" long hatpin with a 1" brassy top. It has a nice open leafy design on both sides. It has a bright pink faceted glass with pearls on each side. No damage to the glass or pearls. I haven't polished the hatpin. Original finding with a slight wave near the top. Sweet looking hatpin!

AB-9049   NEW!     $158

9-1/4"   long with a 2" x 1-2" shape top. The top has an open swirly design with clear prong set rhinestones. The center glass measures 1-1/4" and is a very dark faceted purple glass. One facet shows the tiniest of nicks, being picky! The back has the original finding and has a solid piece so no light shows through, that's why the glass looks so dark. Different looking hatpin!

AB-9202            $198

9-1/2" long with a 1-3/4" top. The top has an open filigree brassy frame surrounding a 1" faceted amber colored glass piece. The frame has a wavy shape to it so it's dimensional looking. Correct bar finding on the back. No chips or flakes to the glass. No damage. Cute!

AB-10258               $225

9-3/4Ē long with a 3-1/2Ē long four sided top piece! Itís made of a brassy material, showing itís original patina, I havenít polished it. The top has a raised 1-1/4Ē rectangular shaped purple faceted bezel set glass piece. Original finding, no repairs/solder. Pin stem is slightly curvy. Unusual looking hatpin with such a large long top!

AB-10714                 $110

This is a pair of Abel Morrall bayonet point hatpins on their original store display cards!  One is 10" and the other is 12' long. Both have a 1/2" black glass ball as the top. These were made in England. The special feature of the hatpins is the point. It is triangular. The back of the card gives a description of this special feature explaining that the triangular shape allows for a firmer hold in the hat! No damage to the hatpins and the cardboard display cards are in good condition, brightly colored, showing little wear or creases. Fun!!

AB-9237                  $295

10" with a brassy wavy design flower top. The top is  2" with a nice open design with a swirly design on the brass. The center has a bezel set green faceted glass. No chips or damage to the glass and it shimmers nicely in the light. The back has the correct finding, no solder/glue. Sweet hatpin!

AB-9230              SOLD

8-1/2" with a 1" brassy arts and crafts style top. The top is an octagon shape with a line design. There is a center prong set green faceted glass, the prongs are ornate. No damage to the glass, nice and sparkly! The back has a nice bar finding, no glue/solder. Sweet hatpin.

AB-9155                          $195

12" with a 1-1/2" brassy round top. The top has a raised rooster with great detail on it! No scratches or damage to the top. I didn't polish it. The finding is correct, no glue/solder. Sweet figural hatpin!

AB-7528                                SOLD

11" with a 1" round brassy top with seven raised brassy flowers with center prong set red rhinestones. I didn't polish the brassy so it shows the patina. Back finding is correct, no glue/solder. Sweet hatpin.

AB-9204         $295

11-1/2" nouveau hatpin with a 1-1/2" long open brassy top with a nice nouveau design on the sides. The top of the hatpin has a rectangular shaped amber colored bezel set glass. No chips/damage to the glass. Correct finding is secure with no glue/solder. Great nouveau hatpin!

AB-6944          $110

10-1/2" with a 1-1/4" dark brassy top with a 1" faceted oval amber colored prong set glass in the center. No damage to the glass. The bar finding is correct, no glue/solder. Sweet hatpin.

AB-7440          $198

11-1/2" with a1-3/4" brassy puffy top with swirly designs all over it. There are two square shaped purple bezel set rhinestones on either side. No damage. Great nouveau hatpin with a nice dimensional shape to it. Correct finding, no glue/solder.

AB-7454          $110

10" with a 1-1/2" round brassy open filigree top. The top has 6 prong set red rhinestones along the outer edge and then six prong set clear rhinestones in the center with a red prong set rhinestone in the middle. Nice open work to the hatpin and I didn't polish it! Back finding is correct, no glue/solder.

AB-9265          $110

10" with 1-1/4" round brassy top. The top has brassy rope designs in between a row of prong set red rhinestones. Nice twisty look to the top. All the stones are bright and secure. The back finding is correct, no glue/solder. Sweet!

AB-6478          $110

9-1/2" long hatpin with 1-3/4" round black glass top with a raised rooster design! The glass has a hammered design look to it and the rooster is in a silvery color, nice detail to him! It has the original finding, no damage or repairs. This was originally a hatpin, not a button! Really great figural hatpin from the 1920s.

AB-6389          $128

8" long with a 3/4" x 5/8" dome shaped top of a swirly art glass piece with bright red and greens colors. It's bezel set in a brassy frame. That's glare you see on the glass. All original, no damage, no repairs. Cute, nouveau hatpin, circa 1910s.

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