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AB-8851          NEW!       $68

3" round silk compact from the 1920s. Unusual as it's all silk and survived all these years in an unused condition! The lid is a light blue silk with pink trim and center lace piece. Normal wear to the silk. The bottom is also blue silk showing age wear, but it's intact. The inside has a mirror in the lid and the opposite side holds a powder puff. It has a snap closure. There is lace 
around the edge of the bottom of the compact. The mirror and puff are in top condition.

AB-12193        NEW!         $58

This is an unusual vanity item. Dated 1924 by Eversmart, it's a manicure set. The silverplate top piece has two end pieces that pull out to reveal a puff and bullet shaped piece that opens to hold tiny nail cloth piece, perhaps to help polish the nails? The end pieces slide in and out easily. Then the base piece pulls out to reveal a nail buffer. Great condition, looks barely used. On one side of the base buffer piece it's engraved "Eversmart Manicure Compact." On the other side it's engraved "Made in USA, Pat. Dec. 2 ? 30 1924." Very different and unusual vanity item that survived all these years!

AB-12119        NEW!         $88

2-3/4" long and 1" around, this is a black plastic retractable powder puff! Known as a "Pixie," it's from the 1920s and comes with the original box with the name on it. It's made in England. The cap pulls off and the pull chain can be pulled so that the pink puff pulls in and out to puff your face! It's never been used, probably sat in a drawer in it's box all these years because it seems pretty impractical to use without spilling loose powder everywhere! Fun item for your vanity collection.

AB-10295                       $168

A fun never used 1920s three piece powder wand and garter set in its original box! There are two orange silk garters with pink/yellow flowers. The powder wand measures  10" and is wrapped in blue silk and the back of the blue puff has blue silk with a pink/blue flower with lace around it. The box is fitted and the pieces are set into the fittings. No damage to the three pieces. The box shows some edge and paper wear, normal from handling after all these years. No company markings on the box. I'm sure this set sat in a drawer somewhere for the past 90 years and was once a special gift for someone special. 

AB-1627                     $58

2" tall, 2-1/2" round dark brown bakelite powder box! It has a screw on lid with a raised scrolly design on the top. Closes tightly and securely. The bottom is marked "bakelite" in raised letters and has a company logo of a "B" with a symbol design. Too small to show up in a photo! Fun 1930s box, definitely usable on your dresser!

AB-9710                       $58

Fun 3-1/4" x 1-1/4" brassy lipstick holder from the 1930-1940s in the shape of a key!! It has a mirror on both sides at the top. The lower end pulls out for the lipstick, it's empty now. It has a loop at the top so it could be worn! No company identification. Slight normal wear to the bottom area of the brass. Cute figural lipstick.

AB-8840                          $138

4-1/4" round silk powder puff container with powder puff! The base is a pretty pink silk that's 1/2" deep that holds a glass insert for your loose powder. The base of the holder is a woven pattern with pink and pale blue, ribbons on the sides. The powder puff is bright peach, never used, small age spots, no worn areas. The top of the puff is blue and pink silk ruffles with center flower. No tears or frays to the silk, very clean. Cute item, circa 1920s!

AB-8175                        $68

3" round pink puff with embroidered face of a lady on the front! Bright colors in pinks, yellows, blues, greens and reds. The back puff is all pink plush and never used, very clean. It came in a cute celluloid container, mottled colored bottom and the top plastic has yellowed a bit. No damage. Circa 1920s.

AB-3324          $48

12" powder wand! The top is about 4" around, pink silk with the original lacey trim. The puff is pink and looks unused. The silk wrapped around the stick shows slight fraying, not bad at all. There is a ribbon the puff and the word "crescent" is on the puff, probably the name of the puff! Circa 1920s. Cute!

AB-6370          $128

5" round, 4-1/2" tall, this is a 1920s German powder jar. The box is yellow and white with a striped look. The top has a slightly raised white star design with orange center. Then there is a 1-1/2" head as a knob! The knob has black hair and red lips. No chips or damage, great coloring. It has a four digit impressed mold number on the bottom. These were sold as three piece sets originally, two perfumes and the powder. Cute item!

AB-4693         $33

3" round puff covered with pink satin and ivory colored lace. There's a pink rosette in the center. There's also a handle out of pink and ivory colored twisted ribbon. No damage to the silk or lace and puff is clean. A fun aspect is that the puff came in a 3-3/4" square cardboard box with a Christmasy looking lid. No markings on the box or on the puff. The box is in top overall condition, with normal wear to the corners of the box. I believe it originally came with the puff! Circa 1920s.

AB-5454          $110

6-1/2" tall, 5" wide German powder jar with a lady as the lid. The base is 2-1/4" and the lid is 4." The color is a nice bright pink with white, green and blue accent colors. She has light brown hair and is wearing a white hat with a green ribbon. Pretty face. He hands are holding her dress up. It's marked Germany on the bottom. Great colors and no cracks, chips or damage. Circa 1920s.

AB-3207          $29

9-1/4" x 5-1/4" Bullock's Powder Mit box (water spots on lid). Opens up and it has the original pink satiny mit to pat the dusting powder on your body! Scent is Apple Blossom. Also has a large unopened dusting powder refill packet. Patent number 2233686 on box, refill says Bullock's was from Los Angeles.

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