Scottish and Agate Jewelry

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AB-8685        NEW!         $98

1-3/4" banded agate bar pin set in a sterling frame. Nice rounded shape to the agate and nice banded colors. Original C clasp. Marked sterling on the back. No damage to the agate. Circa 1900s.

AB-8723                     $248

Cute and just under 1" oval shape sterling agate pin with a buckle motif! Nice detail to the buckle on the front along with three original pieces of moss agate and grey/blue agates. No chips to the agates. Original C clasp on the back. No markings as it's circa 1900s. No damage, sweet and wearable!

AB-8825                       $285

Sweet sterling agate pin in the shape of an arrow and horseshoe! It's 1-1/4" x 3/4" with nice designs on the silver arrow and around the agate pieces. Deep grey/blue agate pieces on the tail of the arrow and four pieces around the horseshoe. No damage to the agates. Original C clasp, no markings. Circa 1900s!

AB-7867                              $225

2-1/4" sterling bar pin with etched design on the silver on the front. Insets of carnelian and moss agate pieces. No chips or damage. Nice safety pin style clasp on the back. It has hallmarks on the back, but I can't make them out. Circa 1900. Nice long bar pin.

AB-7497          $375

20" long grey swirly colored agate beads!!! Each bead is approximately 1/2" around and are in various shades of grey, typical in agate beads. They have recently been restrung and are knotted in between each bead. The beads are all old, circa 1900. New sterling secure clasp. Great necklace!

AB-6748          $285

Fantastic 1-1/4" blue/grey sterling agate pin! Looks almost like a flower with a center raised round agate piece. No flakes or chips to the agate pieces. Nice etched designs on the silver. Original C clasp on the back. No markings, tested silver. Circa 1880-1900.

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