Victorian Jewelry

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AB-7449                      $175

1-1/4" gold filled swivel portrait pin! The outer frame has has a nice etched design in the gold filled. Then the inner portrait pin is pegged to the outer frame, allowing it to swivel! It was intended to have a photo on one side and hair or another photo on the other side! Original C clasp on the back. No damage to the gold filled and the color is very bright. The glass picks off the frame to remove or add your own photo. Fun to find the swivel portrait pins and very wearable today! Circa 1900s.

AB-6746                       $138

2-1/4" x 3/4" mosaic bar pin. Nice shape with multi colored pieces all over. Raised bumpy designs all around on the brassy material. Original C clasp. No missing pieces. Circa 1900s. Cute!

AB-9650                        $98

1" sterling double heart pin. Overlapping hearts, very sweet looking. Original C clasp on the back. Marked sterling on the back. No damage. Circa 1900s.

AB-2129                    $39

1" sterling heart pin. Solid silver on one side, etched design on the other side. Original C clasp. No damage. Sweet pin! 

AB-7636                        $58

1" gold filled flower pin with original C clasp. Nice detailed raised designs to the front. No markings. It also has a fold down bale on the back so you can hang it from a chain. Circa 1900s. Sweet!

AB-10197                 $175

1-1/4" gold filled garnet cluster pin! It is star shaped and has a layered look to it. All the garnets are prong set and appear original. They are even in color without damage. Original C clasp on the back. No damage or repairs. Sweet pin!

AB-7156          $158

1" round mosaic floral pin. Nice star pieces in the center of the outer circles. The center has a bright blue background with multi colored flowers. No damage or missing pieces. Original C clasp on the back. Great detailed pin, circa 1900s.

AB-2285          $110

1-1/8" pink coral flower pin! Nice pink color, no chips or flakes. Original C clasp on the back with the pinstem extending almost 1/4" beyond the clasp. From 1880-1900. Sweet!

AB-6093          $345

1-1/4" long and just under 1-1/2" wide gold filled Victorian garnet butterfly pin! This is just great! There are a total of 38 prong set garnets that make up the wings. Most of the garnets are held in place by 7 or 8 prongs, which is very unusual. They all appear original, with no damage. The back is solid and the original C clasp is intact. No repairs or damage to the pin. Really sweet! Circa 1880s!

AB-5497          $168

1" old mosiac butterfly pin! The tiles are all intact and original, no damage. Sweet colors and detail. Original C clasp on the back. Circa 1900s.

AB-4293          $265

1-1/2" round sterling pin with raised designs on the front. The pin has a layered look with a rope design around the edge of the pin. The best part of the pin is when you turn it over! It's a photo pin with room for a photo, or hair, under the original glass. The glass with pick off by the frame to insert the photo or hair. Original C clasp on the back. No damage to the pin, all original. Just great! Circa 1870-1880.

AB-3413          $65

1-3/4" Victorian silver bar pin with horseshoe in center. Engraved on the horsehoe is "Mother" in script. Marked silver on the back and has the original C clasp. Circa 1880s.

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