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Richard Hudnut
Figural Compacts
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Compacts were made in all shapes, sizes and motifs. Figural compacts are very collectible today. It's fun to imagine the ladies carrying the hands, balls, tables, bracelets and fans just to powder their noses!
21245   SOLD

The Volupe apple! A great 1940s unused figural compact also known as the "Garden of Eden." It measures 3-1/2" x 3" and has a nice radiating line design on the front. The back is plain. It's a very shiny compact. The compact opens by pushing back on the stem and it reveals the mirror on one side, slight discoloration along the edges. The opposite side has the powder screen with signed puff. It comes with the original box. Volupte made several styles of the apple compact in the 1940s, always a great addition to a collection!

21231     NEW!        $148

A fun figural compact that's a necklace! It measures 1-3/4" and has a gold tone rope edge surrounding a lid of pale yellow enamel with black enamel silhouette of couple courting! The back has a design in the gold tone. It has a gold tone chain, not sure if it's original, it measures 18" and has a nice pattern to it. The compact is very thin and opens from the back to reveal a metal mirror on the inside lid. The opposite side was for a powder cake, empty. Wearable! From the 1930s.

0355     NEW!        $125

One of my favorite figural compacts---the vanity table!! It measures 3" x 2" and is gold tone with a mirror on the top. There is a scrolly design along the top edges, showing slight wear to the gold tone. I haven't polished it at all. The compact has folding legs that allow the compact to lay flat or stand like a vanity table! It has a mirror on the inside, slight discoloration areas. The opposite side has a lift up section for loose powder, no puff. It's marked Wadsworth on the inside lift up section. This was advertised in Vogue magazine in 1950, selling for $5.00!

21219          NEW!  $89

2-3/4" round gold tone Henriette compact in the shape of a pocket watch! The lid has a nice design in the gold tone along with a silverplate design. The back is all gone tone. The push botton opens the compact and reveals a mirror on one side and the opposite side has a a signed puff. Great condition, fun to find the 1940s figural compacts!

AB-8366                $175

2" gold tone Wadsworth flower basket shape compact! The has a carrying handle that swings down. The top has bright red, green and white enamel flowers. There is a flat bottom area that allows the compact to sit on a flat surface. Push button closure knob that opens and closes the cormpact correctly. The inside has the mirror on one side and the opposide side was for the loose powder, empty, with puff. It's stamped Wadsworth on the inside celluloid powder well. Never used nice figural compact in top condition! Circa 1930s.

AB-7645                  $148

3" x 2-1/2" sterling heart shaped compact! Made by the Hingeco company in the 1930s, it's marked on the back. The front is a brushed looking silver with a smaller raised sterling heart in the upper corner. The back has a wavy pattern in the silver. The inside has the mirror on one side and the unused heart shaped powder sifter and puff. Adorable compact that can actually be used today! No dents, dings or noticeable damage to the silver

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