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Souvenir compacts were so popular from the 1920-50s. Go on vacation and you bought yourself a memento of your fun time. And what better souvenir than a compact! Now you can collect them from all 50 states and from all over the world. And if you crossed the seas, of course you bought a compact to commemorate the ocean liner. A great history of the souvenir ship compacts can be found in Laura Mueller's Compact Book, volume two. If you're looking for a particular souvenir compact or ocean liner compact, please contact me!
AB-11683  NEW!            $80

3-1/4" square gold tone unused souvenir compact! The front only has a beautiful enamelled scene of the ocean, palm trees, sky and red striped beach umbrellas! It says Tampa, Fla. on the front in black enamel. The back is gold tone with a raised line design. The inside has a mirror on one side, small distorted area. It has the unused puff and powder screen. No company identification. No damage to the enamel. I'd like to visit Tampa! Circa 1940s.

0689  NEW! $100

3" round gold tone Stratton souvenir compact! The lid is celluloid covered and has the RMS Queen Mary in bright colors, very detailed. The back is plain. The inside has the mirror on one side and the opposite side has the lift up section for loose powder, no puff. It has the Stratton logo on the inside lift up section. No damage.

0569        SOLD

3-1/4" round gold tone compact with detailed scene of London's Tower Bridge under celluloid! The back is all gold tone. The inside has a mirror on one side and the opposite side has the lift up section for the loose powder, with puff and screen. It's marked Made in England on the inside. Nice souvenir item from the 1940s.

01095  NEW! $78

A New York unused souvenir compact! It measures 2-3/4" x 2-1/2" and is silver tone with gold tone New York tourist attractions such as Times Square, Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. The back is silverplate. Shows very little wear to the front and a small wear area on the back. The inside has the mirror on one side and the opposite side was for loose powder. It has the unused screen and powder puff with ribbon that says "Your Gift from New York." This can be used as a pill box as it's 1/2" deep and can hold many pills. Fun!

AB-21234 NEW! $110

3" gold tone square compact with red, white and blue enamel flags on the lid. It also says Paris on the front, the back is plain gold tone. The inside has the mirror on one side and the opposite side has the powder sifter, no puff. It has the original store box from Maison Royal, Paris. 1940s compact. I'd like to visit Paris again too! 

01005   NEW!  $95

3-3/4" x 3" gold tone rectangle Paris souvenir compact with black enamel on both sides. The front has gold Paris scenes and a domed lipstick area. The back is black enamel. The inside has a mirror on one side along with the cut out for the dome shape that was on the front. The opposite side has the lipstick tube and the lift up secition for the loose powder, empty, no puff. It's marked Olfa, Paris, Made in France on the inside. No damage to the enamel. Nice.

AB-10411                   $110

Never used 3" x 3" gold tone Wadsworth enamel compact! The front only has a deep blue enamel border with an ivory colored enamel background. In the center is a double eagle insignia in a bronzey color. The words Cumberland, MD 1948 is below the eagle. So this was a 1948 Cumberland, Maryland souvenir compact! The back is all gold tone and is scratch free. The inside has the mirror on one side and the lift up section for loose powder with unused marked puff on the other side. The compact comes with the original cloth pouch and blue Wadsworth box. This is a very clean compact and a great addition to your collection.

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