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Vanities and Carryalls were usually larger and contained several make up items, such as powder, rouge, lipstick, perfume, comb and cigarette case. Sometimes the cases were very heavy and always had a wrist chain/strap. A lady carried these instead of a regular purse as everything she needed for a night on the town was included! Always fun to find the carryalls complete, ready to use 60-70 years later!
0102      NEW!       $175

4-1/2" x 3-1/4" gold tone vanity with peach colored front and back under celluloid. There's a nice design in the peach color. It's surrounded by a gold tone frame with etched designs. I haven't polished it so there are a few small tarnished areas. It has a wrist chain. It opens like a book and has great insides! One side has a purple leather compartment to hold dollars or kleenex. The opposite side has coin slots for a nickel, dime and quarter. It has a mirror and small celluloid area to write notes. It also has a lift up section for loose powder with a cute purple silk and celluloid puff (it's deep enough to hold a few aspirins!) It's marked nickel silver on the inside, no company identification. Great complete vanity from the 1920s.

0230  NEW!    $145

3-3/4" x 2-1/4" hammered gold tone vanity by Melba. This is a very shiny unused vanity with a wrist chain. It has the hammered design on both sides and cut off corner shape. The inside has a mirror on one side and the opposite side has the powder and lift up rouge sections, with puffs. It also has a lipstick. It's marked Melba on the outside. It also has the original fitted cardboard and velvet box with the Melba name on it. Nice 1930s compact!

0922   NEW!       $125

4" x 2-1/2" gold tone and silver plate hammered looking Elgin American vanity compact! It has a twisted chain wrist strap. Nice line and hammered look to it in both color plating. There is room for a monogram in the center on both sides. Inside has a mirror on one side and the opposite side has the sections for rouge and powder, with puffs. There is also a lipstick. No dents or dings, very shiny! Shown in a 1927 Elgin advertisement. Nice!

010872   NEW!     $95

2-3/4" x 2-1/2" silverplate carryall. It has a gold tone silhouette of a lady smoking a cigarette on one side and the other side has gold tone etched flowers. It has a double opening to access the carryall. One side opens to reveal the mirror and area for loose powder with puff. The other side opens for the cigarette area, today it could hold folded dollars or even aspirin. It has a carry chain and the side gold tone lipstick. Shows very little wear to the plating. No company id. Fun to use today! From the 1940-50s.

01362   SOLD        $145

A nice 1930s unused vanity by Mondaine. It has a pretty pale yellow enamel on the front and back and a bright yellow center oval piece on the front. The back is all enamel. No damage to the enamelling. It has the original yellow carry strap. The inside has a mirror on one side, slightly cloudy and the opposite side has three lift up sections. The larger lift up area could have held dollars or a tissue. There are lift up sections for the rouge and powder, both still there with the embossed Mondaine name on them. Both puffs are unused. It's marked in several places on the inside. Always a fun vanity compact to find and the color is very pretty.

010875   NEW!     $95

3-1/8" x 2-1/4" gold tone unused Kigu basket weave design carryall. It has a double access opening, one side opens to reveal the compact area, with mirror and loose powder area with signed puff. The other side opens for the cigarette area. It has the side lipstick and carry chain. Usable today! From the 1940-50s.

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