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Laura Mueller's compact book volume one has a wonderful chapter on the history of military and patriotic compacts. The variety was astounding! Many survived today and are highly collectible!
AB-21555  NEW!            $110

3" x 3" square gold tone unused enamelled army theme compact from the 1940s! The top only has bright blue enamel with the US Army eagle in gold coloring with red, white and blue accent colors. It also says E. Pluribus Unum (Latin, which translates to mean "one out of many") in white enamel as part of the insignia. No flakes, chips or crazing to the enamel! The enamel has great detail and covers the entire front of the compact. The back is gold tone and shows very little surface wear. It opens and closes tightly and correctly. The inside has the clear mirror on one side and the opposite side has a rectangle lift up section for rouge, unused with puff. It also has the lift up section for powder, with puff. 

AB-11917        NEW!        $75

3" green army military hat compact by Henriette. Brown plastic brim and green top with original eagle emblem. No noticeable surface wear. The inside has never been used but like all of the hat compacts, the mirror is discolored and loose. The mirrors were always poor quality and discolored and de-silvered over time. The original screen and inspection tag are still inside. One of the most popular figural compacts from the 1940s and always a fun one for your collection!.

0300        NEW!        $68

3" x 2-1/4" gold tone rectangular shaped enamelled military compact with the Union Jack flag! The Union Jack is the national flag of the United Kingdom. The front is a nice blue enamel, showing slight surface wear, no chips or flakes. The flag is bright red, white and blue enamel. The back is gold tone and shows surface wear. The inside has a mirror on one side, tiny discoloration spots. The opposite side has the lift up section for loose powder, empty, no puff and a smaller lift up section for rouge, still there, with used puff. No company identification. Nice 1930s compact.

0727        NEW!        $85

A 3" square gold tone military souvenir compact! The lid and back is a cream enamel with red and blue enamel lines on the front with corner gold stars. The back is all cream colored. The front has an applied US Army emblem along with the words Camp Croft (South Carolina). No damage to the enamel, normal surface wear. The inside has the mirror on one side, showing discoloration. The opposite side has the lift up section for loose powder, with puff, slightly used. It's marked Henriette on the inside lift up section. A very nice military compact, probably purchased on base to send home to a soldiers sweetheart!

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